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Regular Meeting of the
Wednesday March 21, 2018
1.Call to Order: 4:00p.m. at the West Cemetery/ Adjourn and meet back at Cemetery office:
2.Roll Call: Chair: Robert Allen
                    Vice-Chair: Una Tristan
                    Trustee: Ron Baker
                    Trustee: Alan Langstraat
                    Trustee: Alfonso Caro
  Staff Present: General Manager: Sandi Miller

Date of Next Board Meeting: Due to scheduling issues the regular meeting of the board has been moved to: Thursday April 26 at 4:30 PM. 

3.Public Comment: Members of the general public may address the Board of Trustees.  

Please be advised, the Brown Act prohibits action on items that are not listed on the agenda, or properly added to the agenda under the provisions of the Brown Act. The Board may set such items for consideration at some future Board meeting. Members of the general public may address the Board. Please observe a time limit of five (5) minutes pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3(b)

All items on the consent agenda are to be routine and non-controversial. However, if discussion is required, the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed after the consent agenda is approved.

1.Minutes: of the Tuesday February 27 , 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 
2.Disbursements: 2/01/18 through 2/28/18

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Sign at Floral Cemetery: John from Beer monuments will be here to answer question and with the new design.
2.Receiving Cash and Checks: We currently have 4 returned check that we are trying to collect on. The subject of accepting cash came up at the last board meeting.
3.Bid for new Alarm System: Mark Murphy and Alvaro from Sebastian Alarm Company will be here to answer any questions about their system. 

  NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Bid for New Fence at the West: Please see attached bid from DG Fencing for the new fence at the West.
2.Damage to GM Car: Please see attached bill for repairs to GM Sandi Millers car, damage was caused because the awing had been moved after her car was parked.
3.Manager’s report: Sandi Miller-General Manager: Report attached

4.Trustees’ reports:Trustee: Robert Allen 
Trustee: Alfonso Caro 
Trustee: Ron Baker 
Trustee: Alan Langstraat 
Trustee: Una Tristan 
6. Adjournment:

INFORMATION REGARDING AGENDA ITEMS: Copies of the staff reports or other written documentation relating to each item of business referred to on the agenda are on file in the office of the District Secretary and are available for public information. Any person who has a question concerning any of the agenda items may call the District Secretary at 559-896-2412
ADA: A person with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 may request the District to provide a disability-related modification or accommodation in order to participate in any public meeting of the District. Such assistance includes appropriate alternative formats for the agendas and agenda packets used for any public meetings of the District. Requests for such assistance and for agendas and agenda packets shall be made in person, by telephone, facsimile, or written correspondence to Sandi Miller at the District office, at least 48 hours before any public meeting of the District.

Regular meeting
  Tuesday February 27, 2018 Consent Agenda1

1.Call to Order: 4:33p.m.
2.Roll Call: Chair: Robert Allen - Present
                   Vice-Chair: Una Tristan- Present
                   Trustee: Ron Baker- Present
                   Trustee: Alan Langstraat- Present
                   Trustee: Alfonso Caro- Present
  Staff Present: General Manager: Sandi Miller- Present

Date of Next Board Meeting: Due to scheduling issues the regular meeting of the board has been moved to: Tuesday March 20, 2018 at 4:30 PM. 

3.Public Comment: Members of the general public may address the Board of Trustees.  

No members of the public present at this meeting


1.Minutes: of the Tuesday January 30 , 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 
2.Disbursements: 1/01/18 through 1/31/18
Motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented by Trustee Ron Baker, Second by Vice- Chair- Una Tristan. Vote: - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, – Vice-Chair Una Tristan AYE-Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE Motion Carried

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.CAPC Annual Conference: Vice-Chair Una Tristan and GM Sandi Miller to report on the conference. Vice-Chair Una Tristan reported that GM Sandi Miller was re-elected to the CAPC Board of Directors and that she received the Ruben Siemens / Wayne Byington award for outstanding service, untiring efforts & performance as a cemetery professional. She also reported that she got her ethic’s training at the conference. They had a class on embezzlement – liability on dangerous conditions at cemetery districts. During the Trustee breakout they had 3 attorneys in the class to answer questions, it was very interesting and she always learns new things when she attends these conferences. The board congratulated GM Sandi Miller.
Gm Sandi Miller reported that she spent most of the time running the microphone around, helping with the decorating for the 60th anniversary dinner. She attended 3 board meetings after the classes were over. She felt very honored and surprised to receive the award.
2.General Managers Job Description: Please see the attached job description with the requested changes. Chairman Robert Allen read the changes to the General Managers job description. After discussion: 
Motion to accept the changes as presented by Trustee Alan Langstraat, Second by Trustee Ron Baker. Vote: - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, – Vice-Chair Una Tristan AYE-Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE Motion Carried

3.Sign at Floral Cemetery: Trustees Ron Baker and Alan Langstraat will report on meeting with the owner of Beer Monuments. Gm Sandi Miller at different times walked out to the site she felt the sign should go, some of the board members hadn’t realized how big the area was. They felt that it is a good location. Vice-Chair Una Tristan presented a picture of the Washington Colony sign and had gotten the measurements from the manager. She felt that our sign should be larger. We talked about placing river rock or artificial turf around the sign to make the area look nicer. GM Sandi Miller will get with Beer Monuments and have them attend the next board meeting. 
4.Notice from LAFCo: GM Sandi Miller contacted LAFCo for bio’s on the other candidates, they had no other bio’s. She met with Chairman Robert Allen and voted for Frank Fowler of FMFCD and Gregory Beberian of Kings River Conservation District. The papers were signed and mailed back to LASFCo.

  NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Receiving Cash and Checks: We currently have 4 returned check that we are trying to collect on. The subject of accepting cash came up at the last board meeting. After discussion:
Motion to have Mark Marshall attend the next board meeting to evaluate how we handle the cash that comes into the district. by Trustee Alan Langstraat Second by Vice-Chair Una Tristan. Vote: - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, – Vice-Chair Una Tristan AYE-Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE Motion Carried

2.Employee Hand Book: Please see attached changes to the employee handbook. As in past years I have only attached the changes. Once approved the handbook will be printed and presented to the board and staff. GM Sandi Miller went over a few of the changes and reminded the board that the handbook is updated by our labor law attorney’s office. The changes are in yellow highlight, after board approval she will have the needed copies made and go over the changes with the staff and at the following board meeting after going over the changes with the staff she will present the board with their copy.
Motion to accept the Changes to the Employee handbook as presented by Trustee Alan Langstraat, Second by Trustee Ron Baker. Vote: - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, – Vice-Chair Una Tristan AYE-Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE Motion Carried

3.Bid for new Alarm System: We have been having multiple issues with our ADT equipment. So GM Sandi Miller requested new bids for alarm systems. Please see the attached bid from Knight Guard. After Discussion: GM Sandi Miller will contact Sebastian Alarm Company to come to the next meeting to answer questions for the board.
4.Manager’s report: General Manager: Sandi Miller
Burials as of 1/31/18: 103
Preneed Contracts: 7

ADT: I have added Chairman Robert Allen to the call list with ADT. However I am currently researching new companies. ADT was out in December and replaced one of the sensors in the new shop and did some repairs to the equipment in the office. The cost was right at $1,200.00. we have had them out here 3 other times for the sensor in the shop, it’s been replaced twice and we are still having issues. 
Alarm: On Saturday 2/10/18 the alarm went off in the shop. I spoke with ADT expecting it to be the sensor, but it was the back door to the new shop. We keep the blue vac parked against this door, so no one got in. The door was not damaged but was unlocked and pushed open as far as it could go before the vac stopped it. Someone would have had to have a key to open the door, Alvaro and I had walked around on Friday at closing and checked each door and they were all locked. We do not know how it got unlocked from the outside.
Burials: As you can see we had a jump of 23 burials in the month of January. Our normal is 3-4 a week. We are currently having 6-8 a week and booking anywhere from two to three weeks out.
Rodent Problems: We have had a major problem with squirrels mostly at the West Cemetery, but Brad has also been fighting the gophers as well. We had a pest company contact us about the problems. So I have had them working with Brad to take care of the problem. 
GSRMA Training: I had signed all four of the grounds men to attend the safety training in Madera put on by our workers compensation carrier. We had blocked the entire day off for the guys to attend. The day of the class both Brad and Henry said they were ill and came in late to work, so they did not attend the training. This training class gives us big points for our discount on our workers compensation insurance.
Outside Outlets: We have tried serval ways to stop people from breaking into our outside outlets on the front of the office, on the 8th they broke the covers off and used them anyway. Grounds Supervisor Alvaro Salazar has now replaced the covers with metal locking covers.
Misc. Issues:
o On February 2, we had a lady pass out down in F block. Connie Lujan witnessed the lady pass out she called 911. The ambulance came and took the lady to the hospital. We did not get the lady’s name, because she was passed out and the ambulance attendants cannot release that information. As far as we know if was not from anything here and no report has been filed with the office.
oLater that day we had to call Selma Police to come out. We have a mentally handicap young lady that comes to the cemetery. For some reason this day she was laying in the drives and not allowing cars through. Alvaro went to speak with her but she got very verbal with him and he reported the problem to me and I contacted Selma PD to come remove her. They ended up sending out two officers but she left on her own with them following.

5.Trustees’ reports: Trustee: Robert Allen – Received a call about the condition of the West Cemetery. The problem has been taken care of. 
Trustee: Alfonso Caro – Would like to talk about new fencing and maybe some landscaping at the West Cemetery on the next agenda.
Trustee: Ron Baker – Gave grounds man Bradley Rainey a piece of equipment that he uses for gophers at his house to try. It hooks to the tail pipe of a car and it pumps the fumes from the car into the holes, they can’t smell it and run from it. He didn’t know if Bradley had used it as of yet.
Trustee: Alan Langstraat- Reported that he saw Bradley and Michael working on the gophers, and asked if it was working. GM Sandi Miller reported that for the most part yes, but that some of them had gone into the neighboring houses to get away from the gas. Chairman Robert Allen said that he will find out what the City uses.

Trustee: Una Tristan- Nothing
After so much discussion about the West Cemetery it was decided that the board will meet at the West at 4:00p.m. before the next board meeting and then return to the district office for the meeting.

6. Adjournment:5:54 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

  Sandi Miller
  General Manager-recording secretary

  Robert Allen
  Chairman of the Board


General Manager: Sandi Miller
Burials as of 2/28/18: 125
Preneed Contracts: 7

Legislative Days: Please see attached information about Legislative days. Signing up and getting the rooms ASAP is very important. They tend to run out of rooms.
Bethel House: On March 2, I spoke with Char at Tucker Real Estate, she has rented the house on Bethel. She was going to send her handy man out to clean-up the yard some. The family is moving the weekend of the 3rd. @adults and 1 teenager. They have an outside dog and she is having them get the insurance.
West Cemetery: The staff went over and cleaned up the cemetery. Bruce Reynolds will paint and repair the mausoleum as soon as the weather is better. I called Angel’s Tree trimming and he will go over and trim the palm tree in the back corner. On March 7th, Alvaro came to the office with picture of a headstone that someone had cut in half. The loved ones name had been taken so until we hear from the family we won’t know whose stone it is. I will have pictures at the meeting.
Rodent Problem: Although the company that came out did a good job it is something that needs to be done monthly, especially at the West. The squirrels ran into the neighboring yards and are starting to come back. Alvaro brought in a paper from Burrow RX they have a machine that does the same thing. The machine is going to be demonstrated on Monday March 19th at 8a.m. Please see attached.
Handy Cap Access: This has not come up before but has a couple times lately. I have had request for something to be put down to get a wheel chair to the grave site. I looked around on the internet and found an ADA approved product that I would like to check into further. Please see attached.
Banking: I was please to know that Bank of the Sierra pays close attention to checks going through our account. We had a deposit adjustment for 2/9/18. In researching it we found that the family had not written in the three hundred on the money line. Kathy had taken the check and felt that if she explained what happened the family would send the difference, so she contacted them and they did send the three hundred to us.
Chamber Awards Dinner: Please see attached information about the awards dinner. 
CPR Training: On Friday March 16, the staff is scheduled to attend this training through the Chamber Office. This is a requirement of CAL Osha. SO the office and grounds were closed that am for the training.