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Regular Meeting of the
Thursday July 27, 2017

1.Call to Order: 
2.Roll Call: Chair: Robert Allen
                    Vice-Chair: Una Tristan
                    Trustee: Ron Baker
                    Trustee: Alan Langstraat
                    Trustee: Alfonso Caro
  Staff Present: General Manager: Sandi Miller

Date of Next Board Meeting: Thursday August 24, 2017 
(GM Sandi Miller is to attend a CSDA meeting on this date)

3.Public Comment: Members of the general public may address the Board of Trustees.  

Please be advised, the Brown Act prohibits action on items that are not listed on the agenda, or properly added to the agenda under the provisions of the Brown Act. The Board may set such items for consideration at some future Board meeting. Members of the general public may address the Board. Please observe a time limit of five (5) minutes pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3(b)

All items on the consent agenda are to be routine and non-controversial. However, if discussion is required, the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed after the consent agenda is approved.

1.Minutes: of the Thursday June 22, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 
2.Disbursements: 6/01/17 through 6/30/17

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Preliminary Budget: Please see attached final budget. 
2.Employee Handbook for 2017/18: Your copy of the employee handbook will be available at the board meeting.
3.Adair & Evans Audit: Audit preparation has started and the onsite visit is scheduled for August 10, 2017. They are generally here one full day.
4.Mausoleum: Request for bids and the News Paper ad will go out the first part of August.

  NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Tax Funds: Our final amount of property tax was $199,200.88. The funds were drawn and deposited into our Main account on July 7th.
2.Request to place item on the Agenda: Please see the attached copy of a request to place an item on the August agenda.
3.CAPC Education Conference: Please see attached information about the conference. I will need to know at the meeting if you plan to attend this conference rooms are going fast and they are unable to get more due to other events going on in Sacramento at the same time.
4.Manager’s report: Sandi Miller-General Manager: Report attached


1.Personnel: Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957. (b) 1 Evaluation, contract and consideration of raise of General Manger. Please remember to bring your copy with your responses from the last meeting.

2.Reportable Action:

3.Trustees’ reports:Trustee: Robert Allen 
Trustee: Alfonso Caro 
Trustee: Ron Baker 
Trustee: Alan Langstraat 
Trustee: Una Tristan 
4. Adjournment:

INFORMATION REGARDING AGENDA ITEMS: Copies of the staff reports or other written documentation relating to each item of business referred to on the agenda are on file in the office of the District Secretary and are available for public information. Any person who has a question concerning any of the agenda items may call the District Secretary at 559-896-2412
ADA: A person with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 may request the District to provide a disability-related modification or accommodation in order to participate in any public meeting of the District. Such assistance includes appropriate alternative formats for the agendas and agenda packets used for any public meetings of the District. Requests for such assistance and for agendas and agenda packets shall be made in person, by telephone, facsimile, or written correspondence to Sandi Miller at the District office, at least 48 hours before any public meeting of th

General Manager: Sandi Miller
Burials as of 6/30/17: 181
Preneed Contracts: 13

July 3rd: Channel 24 and 47 were at the cemetery by about 6pm. It aired at the 11 o’clock news. The office has been multiple calls about the newspaper article and the Channel 26 airing of what happens at the cemetery on the 3rd of July. People still came onto the grounds but not as many as normally come out. They did not move the barricades and drive into the cemetery from what I saw and have been told. The church only picked up and left by the gate 3 large garbage bags of trash this year. The Newspaper called to do a follow up on what happened that night.
Property Up-date: I spoke with Char and she has not yet found a suitable renter for the house. She did inform me that the relator that presented the offer at the June meeting inquired into leasing the property. She informed them that it is already leased.
Kittens on Grounds: On July 2nd, grounds man Henry Luna came to the office, he had found two kittens in our A block. One was dead the other in bad shape. Animal control was called and we were told someone had set the kittens on fire and then tried to drown them on the property. We do not know who did this.
Security Companies: Since the airing of what goes on at the cemetery we have had a few security companies call or come by. None have given me a cost amount. I received an email from Madera Cemetery they seem to be having most of the same issues as we do. So I contacted the manager to see what security company they use. The company is local and won’t travel this far.  
Area Meetings: Geneva from the Visalia Cemetery called me and they would like to see us start back with the area meetings that are just the cemetery districts. They are hoping to have another dinner in September or October. She has asked me if I would speak on a subject at that dinner.
Grass Planting: We are having some issues with families planting tall fescue grass on their graves, the problem is that as soon as we mow the grass dies and the family is upset. We give them a copy of the rules that says they can’t maintain their own graves and explain that we do not mow high enough for that type of grass.

Regular Meeting
  Thursday June 22, 2017 Consent Agenda1

1.Call to Order: 4:30pm
2.Roll Call: Chair: Robert Allen - Present
                    Vice-Chair: Una Tristan - Present
                    Trustee: Ron Baker - Present
                    Trustee: Alan Langstraat - Present
                    Trustee: Alfonso Caro - Present
  Staff Present: General Manager: Sandi Miller - Present

Date of Next Board Meeting: Thursday July 27, 2017

3.Public Comment: Members of the general public may address the Board of Trustees.  
No members of the public present at this meeting

1.Minutes: of the Thursday May 25, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 
2.Disbursements:5/01/17 through 5/31/17
Motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented by Trustee Ron Baker, Second by Vice-Chair Una Tristan. Vote: Vice-Chair Una Tristan - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, –Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE
Motion Carried

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion/Action
5.Preliminary Budget: You have had time to review the preliminary budget for 2017/2018, the final will not be available until after June 30, 2017. GM Sandi Miller reported that none of the board member contacted her with questions. The final budget will be presented at the July meeting, with the possibility of adding an air-conditioning unit to the budget for the office.

  NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Action
1.Property Discussion with Supervisor Buddy Mendez: Supervisor Buddy Mendez has agreed to come speak with the board about our property. Chairman Robert Allen informed Supervisor Mendez, that we have been trying to locate property as close to town as possible. The problems we have run into are the price close to or in town and zoning. Supervisor Mendez asked if any of the people whom had opposed the project still object. It was explained that two of the families have sold but the two main families are still there. Supervisor Mendez and a member of the board will attempt to speak with the opposing parties.

2.Employee Handbook for 2017/18: Please see attached changes to the handbook. As in the past I have only attached the changes. Gm Sandi Miller informed the board that she had only included the changes in the handbook per our Labor LAW Attorney. The full handbook is 45 pages long. None of the board members had any questions.
Motion to accept the changes to the handbook as presented by Trustee Alan Langstraat, Second by Vice-Chair Una Tristan.
Motion Carried

3.Adair & Evans Contract: Please see attached contract for Adair & Evans to preform our annual audit. GM Sandi Miller presented the current contract from Adair and Evans, the cost is up some from past years. The cost is up because of new accounting requirements required by the passing of new legislation.
Motion to accept the Contract from Adair and Evans as presented by Vice-Chair Una Tristan, Second by Trustee Alan Langstraat. Vote: Vice-Chair Una Tristan - AYE , Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, –Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE
Motion Carried

4.Mausoleum: While I was at the West Cemetery I noticed that the mausoleum has some bad spots where the cement is coming off and some of the boards need to be painted. I would like to get an estimate to repair and paint it. GM Sandi Miller explained that some of the cement on the outside walls and the fascia boards are in need of repair. We have a special account with Wells Fargo strictly for repairs to the mausoleum. GM Sandi Miller will prepare the needed letters and place an ad for bids on this project.
Motion to accept the Contract from Adair and Evans as presented by Trustee Alan Langstraat, Second by Trustee Alfonso Caro. Vote: Vice-Chair Una Tristan - AYE, Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, –Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE
Motion Carried

5.Manager’s report: 
Burials as of 5/31/17: 151
Preneed Contracts: 10

Memorial Day: The service went well. We had a good crowd this year. We had a lot of people asking about the wall of names. I explained it had been made back in the 70’s and so I allowed them to place their loved ones name on the back of the wall.
Brown Act Class: CSDA will be holding a Brown Act Training in Bakersfield August 16, 2017. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. 
AB979 LAFCO: This bill will help districts have representation on the LAFCO boards. The bill has passed the Assembly and is pending before the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.
West Cemetery: I drove over to look at the West Cemetery; it was looking a little rough so I sent the guys to clean it up. 
Selma Enterprise: Laura Maldonado of the Selma Enterprise called to interview me about the 3rd of July. She was here about an hour and we walked the grounds and talked about what happens on that night. I thought the interview went well.


1.Cemetery Expansion: Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54956.8; Char Tucker of Tucker and Associates will be attending to present an offer she received.

Reportable Action: Motion to remove the property from for sale; reject the offer that was presented and to move forward with the rental of the house. By Trustee Ron Baker, Seconded by Trustee Alfonso Caro. Vote: Vice-Chair Una Tristan - AYE, Chair Robert Allen – AYE - Trustee Ron Baker - AYE– Trustee Alan Langstraat – AYE, –Trustee Alfonso Caro-AYE
Motion Carried

2.Personnel: Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957. (b) 1 Evaluation of General Manger and consideration of raise. Please remember to bring your copy with your responses from the last meeting.

3.Reportable Action: Adjourned to July meeting due to lack of time.

4.Trustees’ reports: Trustee: Robert Allen - Nothing 

Trustee: Alfonso Caro – Asked about the 3rd of July? GM Sandi Miller explained our procedure and that she expected news crews to be out here.
Trustee: Ron Baker - Nothing 

Trustee: Alan Langstraat – He rides by the cemetery every morning and it looks like there may be a line of sprinklers not working along the North cemetery. GM Sandi Miller explained that Grounds Supervisor Alvaro Salazar has been working on it today.
Trustee: Una Tristan - Nothing 

5. Adjournment: 5:53pm

Respectfully submitted

  Sandi Miller
  General Manager-recording secretary

  Robert Allen
  Chairman of the Board