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2430 Floral Ave. /P.O. Box 1383 Selma, CA 93662
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Regular Meeting of the
Thursday October 25, 2018

1.Call to Order: 
2.Roll Call: Chair: Robert Allen
                    Vice-Chair: Una Tristan
                    Trustee: Ron Baker
                    Trustee: Alan Langstraat
                    Trustee: Alfonso Caro
  Staff Present: General Manager: Sandi Miller

Date of Next Board Meeting: Thursday December 27th at 4:30 PM. We won’t be meeting in November due to the date falling on Thanksgiving Day.

3.Public Comment: Members of the general public may address the Board of Trustees on any item on the agenda.
Please be advised, the Brown Act prohibits action on items that are not listed on the agenda, or properly added to the agenda under the provisions of the Brown Act. The Board may set such items for consideration at some future Board meeting. Members of the general public may address the Board. Please observe a time limit of five (5) minutes pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3(b)

All items on the consent agenda are to be routine and non-controversial. However, if discussion is required, the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed after the consent agenda is approved.

1.Minutes: of the Thursday September 27th, 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 
2.Disbursements: 9/01/18 through 9/30/18

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion/Action

1.Annual Audit: No update yet, they will probably attend our December meeting. We had some trouble getting papers from CALPers.
2.Bethel Property: Glenn Martin, GM Sandi Miller spoke with Glenn and will report on this.
3.Painting of the Outside of the Office: Trustee’s Alan Langstraat and Ron Baker will report on their meeting with Bruce Reynolds.

4.Bethel Rental House: We received the bill for the new hot water heater and the cost was $900.00 for the hot water heater and labor.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Action:

1.CAPC ED/Area Conference: Chairman Robert Allen and Vice-Chair Una Tristan will be reporting on this conference. 
2.Problem with Quinonoes Burial: Mr. Quinonoes was placed on August 10th and the problem was discovered while GM Sandi Miller was on vacation. GM Sandi Miller has spoken with the wife and sons and will be reporting on this.
3.Manager’s report: Sandi Miller-General Manager: Report attached

4.Personnel: Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957. (b) 1 Update on staff member.
5.Re portable Action:

6.Trustees’ reports: Trustee: Robert Allen 
                                 Trustee: Alfonso Caro 
                                 Trustee: Ron Baker 
                                Trustee: Alan Langstraat 
                                Trustee: Una Tristan 
  7. Adjournment:

INFORMATION REGARDING AGENDA ITEMS: Copies of the staff reports or other written documentation relating to each item of business referred to on the agenda are on file in the office of the District Secretary and are available for public information. Any person who has a question concerning any of the agenda items may call the District Secretary at 559-896-2412
ADA: A person with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 may request the District to provide a disability-related modification or accommodation in order to participate in any public meeting of the District. Such assistance includes appropriate alternative formats for the agendas and agenda packets used for any public meetings of the District. Requests for such assistance and for agendas and agenda packets shall be made in person, by telephone, facsimile, or written correspondence to Sandi Miller at the District office, at least 48 hours before any public meeting of the District.