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What's Happening At Selma Cemetery

 The Selma Cemetery has been looking for property to expand for more than 10 years. In March of this year we reached that goal. We have purchased 17.70 acres located at 12157 Bethel Ave, Selma. The cross streets are Bethel and Nebraska. We plan to lease the crop and house, this will generate income to help pay the cost of devolping the property. As we need the land we will section off 2 acres at a time to develope into the new cemetery. The remaing portions will contiue to be leased and generate income. 

At this time this new property / cemetery does not have a name, and we are in the pocess of looking for a designer and filling all the required paper work.

Check back with us for new updates on this project.

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We have named the new Cemetery and are in the process of getting our Conditional Use Permit and designing the Cemetery. Here is our first draft.
Selma Vineyard Cemetery
We are very proud to announce that our Chairman Robert Allen and Trustee Una Tristan received their Governance Award at this years Legislative Days
Transparency Certificate of Excellence

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Selma Cemetery District are very proud to have earned this award. There were many items to be completed in order to receive this award such as clean audits,  training classes for board and staff, properly holding public meetings, we had to have a web site with all of our information on it, along with keeping the web site updated with past and present agenda and audits.
Chairman Robert Allen, Vice-Chairwoman Una Tristan and General Manager Sandi Miller will be accepting this award at this years Legislatives Days in Sacramento.
Selma Cemetery District General Manager Sandi Miller was recognized earlier this year for her hard work in running the local cemeteries. Miller, who has been the manager for eight years, received the 2016 Cemeterian of the Year Award at the annual California Association of Public Cemeteries Conference that was held in Monterrey in March. The award is the highest honor that can be given to a CAPC member. “This award is given to a General Manager who has done outstanding work, community service and kept their district up to date on the new laws affecting public cemeteries,” Miller said. Cemetery District Vice Chairman Una Tristan, commended Miller for her work. “Sandi never fails to go above and beyond for this organization,” she said. “She takes her responsibilities seriously and is not afraid of tackling projects that she’s never encountered before. “Miller said she feels honored to have been chosen for the award. Prior to the conference, Miller had no idea that she would be the recipient of the award, which consisted of a special plaque. “That night, it was the last award given out,” she said. “They read a bio about the person. I still remember how it felt when I realized that they were talking about me. It started as, ‘Is it? No. It can't be? Oh my, it is me!’ That is when the tears started. “Miller said that by the time she got onto the stage to receive the award, she couldn’t speak. “I did manage to say thank you but I was unable to give any type of speech. I'm rarely speechless, but at that moment I couldn't talk,” she said. “I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. I don't think I slept much that night. “Tristan said she believes Miller was very deserving of the award and is a great cemeterian. “I have nothing but praise for Sandi. Her job at the Selma Cemetery requires a person with a compassionate and caring personality when dealing with grieving families,” she said. “I know of no one more qualified. “As general manager of the Selma cemetery district, Miller is responsible for an array of tasks, such as staff management, payroll, accounts payable, board packet preparation, the daily management of the cemeteries and making sure that the cemetery is following all of the current laws and regulations, office and ground safety. “I make sure that our rules not only protect the staff but the public as well,” she said. Miller said she feels that one of the most challenging aspects of her job is having to explain to families why they can’t have certain items on their loved ones’ graves. “We have rules in place. Not just for maintenance, but for safety reasons,” she said. “Glass and wires are the biggest issue. Glass can get broken. Then, when the mowers go over the broken pieces, the pieces fly out of the mowers at a high speed. We have a lot of walkers and young moms with babies walking in our Floral Memorial Park, and if that glass was to go flying and hit a child or even an adult, it could cause very serious injury to them. “Miller said she understands that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult for everybody. “To me, it doesn't matter if it's my loved one or someone else’s. The loss and the hurt is the same,” she said. When meeting with families who have lost a loved one, Miller said she’s had times when she’s had to excuse herself and go into another room to dry her tears and then come back. “I strive to stay professional, but I'm human and seeing another person hurting affects me deeply,” she said. “That being said, it is a very rewarding job. “Miller said she’s able to connect with families on an emotional level that also makes her reflect on the people she’s lost. “What better way to help a family honor their loved one for the last time?” she said. “I have lost a lot of people in my life, from a child to a parent. This helps me to connect to the families and understand the pain that they feel.”