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Rules & Regulations

Flowers placed during the following Holidays will be left on the grounds for two weeks:

New Years * Valentine's Day * Easter * Memorial Day * Mother's Day * Father's Day * Veteran's Day *  

The only exception during mowing season will be when flowers are placed for recent interments.

CARE OF GRAVES AND CEMETERY GROUNDS: The absolute control of the cemetery grounds is vested in the Board, lot owners and others are entitled only to such privileges within the grounds as are provided by these rules and regulations. Subject to the control of the following shall be the rules regulating the general care of the graves and cemetery grounds.

No person shall plant any tree, shrub, bush, or flower on the cemetery grounds. Cemetery employees will plant all plants or trees as directed by the Manager. 

Flowers may be placed only in the vases provided in the ground or marker foundations placed at the head of the grave. No receptacles for flowers shall be installed other than the uniform receptacle adopted by the Board and sold in the office. 

No person shall disturb plants and no person shall remove flowers or vases/receptacles from plots when they are not the owner, except for district employees.

No opening or closing of a grave, or the placement of any marker, plant, tree, or any other ornament or device, shall be made by anyone, except employees of the Selma Cemetery District.

If any tree, shrub, plant or vine situated on any plot shall become detrimental or unsightly to adjacent plots, streets or the cemetery grounds, the manager or any other person authorized by the Board may enter upon such plot and remove or trim such tree, shrub, plant or vine as deemed necessary.

No person shall burn any brush, combustible material, etc, within the cemetery grounds.  

All children must be under the control of their adult companion at all times. 

All memorial markers hereafter shall be set in a concrete foundation with a maximum of two flower vases set in the foundation. Baby graves are allowed one vase. Only flush with the ground vases are allowed with flush markers. Approved headstone will be limited to one per grave in the following sizes: Single grave markers shall be either 8” x 18” x 3” for baby grave or 12” x 24”x 3” for adult graves and may have a 6” x 12” flat plaque added. All markers must be pre-set in concrete, with a concrete border on all four sides. The District will not be responsible for damage to a photograph on any marker. This includes ceramic markers, markers that the picture covers the entire surface of the stone. The district reserves the right to exclude from any lot, any marker, monument or other structure or other object, which may conflict with the regulations, or which may be considered injurious to the general appearance of the grounds.

The Board reserves the right to make improvements to any lot or to any public portion of the cemetery grounds at any time at the cost of the District.

Every reasonable effort will be made to care for flowers and containers placed on graves, neither the Cemetery District nor any of its employees will be responsible for anything of a movable nature that may be lost, stolen, or misplaced.


BURIALS: Lot owners, funeral directors and other authorized persons shall comply with the following regulations in the use of plots for burial purposes. The District will not be responsible for funerals set by funeral directors unless the date and hour has been cleared with the District office.

1.Interment order to open a grave must be signed by a member of the family or a designated person of the family.

2. The remains or cremains of the deceased shall be brought to the cemetery in a closed casket, urn, or other approved container.

3. No services in connection with burial will be made until charges for such services ,as fixed by the Board , have been paid in advance to the manager or other authorized employee of the District.

4. A burial permit must, in all cases accompany the body to the cemetery, with the exception of products of human conception of less than 20 weeks gestation.

5. An approved vault, garden crypt, concrete box, or metal receptacle shall be used in every interment, and purchased from the District.

6. No casket shall be opened before, during or following a service without direct permission of the family of the deceased and then only under the direct supervision of the funeral director in charge.

7. Double Depth burials may be made in any section of the cemetery with the exception of baby spaces and the West Cemetery. No more than one baby casket may be interred in one baby space. An additional baby cremain may be added to an existing baby grave if room permits as outlined in Health & Safety Code section 8113.1(b). Both parents of existing baby grave must sign interment order to allow baby cremains to be interred in an existing baby grave. No more than six urns or cremains may be interred in one space, or five cremains along with a regular single interment, or four cremains with a companion interment.

8. No grave shall be graded or mounded and the top of the grave shall be level with the surrounding lot when fully settled.

9. No Burial Right holder shall allow any interment to be made in his plot for remuneration.

10. Except when ordered by a Court, disinterments will be at the discretion of the Board. When allowed, District personnel will open the grave and remove or open the garden crypt. The District shall not be responsible for removal of the casket or for any damages to the garden crypt, casket or remains.

11. During a disinterment the District requests the public not to attend said disinterment. A funeral director will be present to oversee disinterment.

12. No graves opened for interments made on Saturday afternoon, Sundays or legal holidays unless ordered by the Public Health Officer.

FEES AND CHARGES: From time to time the Board shall establish the prices at which burial rights shall be sold, the fees for the opening and closing of graves, the additional fees for performing such services other than during the normal times established by these rules and regulations and the fees for all other services performed by the District in connection with the use of the cemetery grounds. A schedule of the current fees shall be available for inspection at the District office during business hours.

In addition to the above fees and charges the Board shall establish the amount to be paid by purchasers for deposit into the endowment care fund in accordance with Section 8738 of the California Health and Safety Code. Such amount paid into the endowment care fund is not refundable.

Non-Resident fees shall be charged for burial of a person who is not living or paying taxes in the District at the time of death that is eligible for burial in cemetery of the District by Section 8893 and 8961 through 8961.1 of the California Health and Safety Code. h) 

LEGAL PROVISIONS: In addition to the provisions established by law for the operation of the District’s cemeteries, the following rules and regulations shall apply:

Burial in the District’s cemeteries shall be limited in accordance with Section 8961 of the California Health and Safety Code as the same now exists or may be hereafter amended. For the purpose of these rules and regulations , members of the family of a resident who purchases a family Burial Right is defined as grandparents, parents, spouse, brother or sister, child or grandchild, adopted children, stepchildren and step-parents. 

Burial Rights in cemetery lots may be purchased from an authorized representative at the District office located at Floral Memorial Park. Upon payment in full, and payment of the Endowment Care Fund deposit, a receipt of Burial Rights may be executed by the authorized representative at the District office.

Each purchaser of burial right shall have on file a “right to burial” in the District office. The interest acquired by such purchaser shall not be an interest in real property but shall be simply the revocable right granted to the purchaser to use lot for burial purposes in accordance with these rules and regulations. An assignment may be made of burial rights by purchase to members of purchaser’s family as defined in the California Health and Safety Code 9002 (e) and would be recognized by the District, whether said assignment is to a resident member they may exercise their acquired burial rights. Should they be nonresident or otherwise ineligible, they may sell their acquired rights to the Cemetery District. If a purchaser has no further need for the burial rights, he/she may by written application to the District sell his “right to burial” space to the District for the original purchase price with the minimum of $50.00, less the endowment care fund deposit, if paid

LIABILITY: The District, it’s Board, all individual members of said Board, the manager and all other personnel of the District shall not be responsible for injury or damage suffered by any persons, including children, in their use of the cemetery grounds. Any person visiting the cemetery shall do so at their own risk.

The Board shall employ a manager and such other employees as it may determine to be necessary or useful in the operation of the District.

All rules and regulations previously adopted inconsistent with the foregoing are hereby repealed

The Board reserves the right of amending or passing new Rules and Regulations at any time as they may deem fit and proper.

The Board reserves and shall have the right to correct any and all errors or omission made by authorized District representatives in any and all matters pertaining to District business and the relative or authorized agent agree to hold the District harmless from any liability on account of said authorization and interment. California Health and Safety Code 7100.

The District shall have the right to contact the police if any member of the public harasses and or threatens any District representative or Board member in any form or manner.